Young men who hid Paul for 5 days and brought him to Tanahu

Young men who hid Paul for 5 days and brought him to Tanahu

Kathmandu. Actor Pal Shah has been remanded in custody for seven days by the court and the District Police Office, Tanahu, has been allowed to investigate the case of murdering a 17-year-old singer.

On Sunday, the district court in Tanahu remanded him in custody for seven days. After he surrendered on Sunday, police took him to court for an extension.

He was absconding after a complaint was lodged against Pal Shah at the Tanahu Police Office on March 25. Police had started searching for him after the district court issued an arrest warrant.

In the process, the police had also interrogated various people close to him. On Sunday, four days after his escape, Shah appeared before the police.

Meanwhile, the jury has come out in the media saddened by the accusation of hiding him for a few days. “I am ready to go inside the jail. I have to release my brother,” he said.

When I saw Paul Dai in that position, I could not help but remember that he had spent a few days with Paul. Watch the rest of what he said in the video below


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