Ncell\’s looting in Lockdown

Ncell\’s looting in Lockdown

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Consumers may not be aware that after activating and recharging various services, the balance is deducted. When the loan amount is Rs 40 and Rs 80, the deduction is Rs 202.55. Has your balance been deducted somewhere? If so, dial * 100 # and select the account.

Shankar Sharma, a resident of Biratnagar, informed us that his mother uses a mobile phone with normal buttons and should not know how to use it except picking up the phone. I bought a recharge and lined up to recharge my son. While checking * 100 #, it was seen that an additional Rs 15 has been deducted from the Huawei Game Service. After seeing this on a mobile phone that only knows how to pick up a phone without GPRS setting on the keypad mobile, Shankar Sharma said that he called Ncell Customer Care but the phone did not pick up. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

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