1 week leave for students to do ‘love’, why are colleges in China giving such exemption

1 week leave for students to do ‘love’, why are colleges in China giving such exemption


Spring Break in China: The birth rate of children has fallen drastically in China, the most populous country in the world, and there the government is now encouraging people to have more children. To increase the birth rate, the Chinese government is implementing new decisions. Following this, many colleges have also started different initiatives. For example, Miyayang Flying Vocational College has announced ‘spring break’ for its students.

This ‘spring break’ is actually being given by colleges in China so that students get a chance to experience spring, get closer to nature and fall in love. Therefore, this initiative of the Chinese college is being seen in the global media as a holiday being given to the students to ‘love’. According to NBC News, a week-long ‘spring break’ has been announced for students in many colleges in China. Miayang Flying Vocational College, run by Fan Mei Education Group, first announced such a break on March 21.

Announcement of ‘spring break’ in colleges

According to the announcement of ‘spring break’, Liang Guohui, deputy dean of Miayang Flying Vocational College, said that he hopes that young people can go to see the water and green mountains during these holiday days and enjoy the spring season. It will not only develop the students’ emotions, but also enrich and deepen their educational potential when they return to the classroom. Apart from this, the students were specially asked by the teachers to complete their search for love.

Holiday between 1st April to 7th April

Other colleges of Fan Mei Education Group have also declared holiday between April 1 and April 7. It is being told that in this way the students studying there are being encouraged to love nature, love life and enjoy spring break. The surprising thing is that the students have also been instructed by the colleges that they must share their experiences and the work done during the spring break. This also includes going on trips with partners or making videos of sightings.

This is a way to increase the birth rate

In the report of the news agency Reuters, it was said that these efforts of the Chinese college administration are motivated by finding ways to boost the birth rate on the instructions of the Chinese government. At the same time, a few days ago it was reported that the Chinese government has come up with more than 20 recommendations to boost the birth rate, and now colleges have also started giving ‘spring break’, which students can celebrate with their love. It is considered suitable to complete the search.

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