1100-year-old gold coin was found

1100-year-old gold coin was found

A young volunteer working at an archeological site in central Israel has found a treasure trove of 425 ancient Asarfis.The gold coins are believed to have been buried in an earthenware vessel 1,100 years ago.

The total weight of these coins is 845 grams. By the time the coins were minted, it was a fortune, and it is estimated that it was enough to buy a grand house in the area. It is a mystery as to who hid the coins and why they did not withdraw them later.Lost coins of Emperor Alexander the Great 1 million treasure hidden ten years ago has been found.



\”Eleven hundred years ago, the man who buried the treasure must have thought of retrieving it later. He also hit the fork so that the vessel would not sink,\” said Liat Nadav-Jiv and Eli Haddad, directors of the excavation department at the Israeli Archaeological Survey.

According to him, it is considered rare to find such a large quantity of gold coins. \”Since gold is so valuable and has been minted and reused for generations, we do not often find gold coins in archaeological excavations,\” the statement said. Oz Cohen, the young man who found the asarfi, said he first saw something like a fine leaf after digging the ground. \”Looking back, those items are gold coins,\” he said. According to ancient coin expert Robert Kool, the treasure contained 270 small pieces of gold in addition to the gold dinars.The pieces were cut off and used as retail money.

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