49-year-old Indian jailed in Britain, you will be shocked to know the case

49-year-old Indian jailed in Britain, you will be shocked to know the case

UK News: A 49-year-old man of Indian origin living in the United Kingdom has been sent to jail. To fulfill his drug addiction, the person used to repeatedly ask for money from the elderly parents. He used to harass them for not getting money. Distressed by his cruel behaviour, the parents had complained to the police. After this the accused was sentenced by the Birmingham Court.

According to the report of Birmingham Live, the name of the accused is Devan Patel. He was addicted to drugs, used to repeatedly ask for money from his elderly parents to fulfill his hobby, and used to blackmail them emotionally for the same. parents from son’s cruel behavior "humiliated and sad" were feeling When he&zwj complained to the police, the British police caught him.

Forcibly asked for money, behaved cruelly

The accused was produced at Wolverhampton Crown Court, where the hearing took place on 27 March. It was told in the court how Devan Patel used to treat his parents, how he used to harass them. According to prosecutor Sarah Allen, he would sometimes call his parents 10 times a day for money, making various excuses and throwing tantrums when he didn’t get the money.

On this, Court Judge John Butterfield KC, while giving the verdict, said that the accused had made his parents’ life hell to fulfill his drug addiction. He is being sentenced. He should be kept in jail.

Drug addict, parents didn’t care

According to the prosecution, necessary steps were taken in 2009 and 2013 to save Patel’s parents from him. However, the orders that were issued then were violated thrice by Patel. One day he reached home and stayed there until his parents somehow collected 28 pounds and gave him. It is said that he did not even care about the suffering of his parents, because he was a drug addict. So he didn’t take any responsibility. 

Locked up in a prison in Cardiff

He repeatedly started harassing the parents, due to which they complained to the police. After being sentenced, he is now kept in a prison in Cardiff. According to the police, crimes of dishonesty and theft are already registered against him. He has been punished, so he will not be able to come to India.

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