5 lakh pounds spent on Sunak’s air travel in 1 week, opposition said – waste of money

5 lakh pounds spent on Sunak’s air travel in 1 week, opposition said – waste of money

Rishi Sunak News Today: Prime Minister of Britain (UK) Rishi Sunak is on the target of opposition leaders these days because of the expenses incurred on air travel. Government figures have revealed that Rishi Sunak spent about 5 lakh pounds on his private jet flights in a week. Leaders of opposition parties are now pulling Sunak government over this expenditure.

Opponents say that the expenditure of 5 lakh pounds on PM Sunak’s foreign trips by private jet is a huge waste of money. This money belonged to taxpayers, which they spent in their facilities. Giving details of the £500,000 expense along with PM Sunak’s photo, the Liberal Democrats’ Twitter handle wrote, “This is a waste of taxpayers’ money at a time when most people are unable to pay their bills or put food on the table.” are struggling. Still this is not visible to the conservative government. And, the expenditure is increasing day by day.

Wasting taxpayers money

Opposition leaders also said that while the Rishi Sunak-led government in Britain is enjoying high-flying flights with taxpayers’ money, their actions on the other hand expose their promises to curb climate change. . Sunak’s criticism comes after he took a 30-minute private jet flight from London to visit a health facility in Leeds in January.

Details of expenses on travel by private jet

Rishi Sunak’s private jet travel to the COP27 summit in November 2022 cost £107,966, according to data released from the Cabinet Office. A week later, on 13 November, he went to the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, and returned to the UK on 17 November, a trip that cost more than £340,000. Shortly afterwards, the British Prime Minister went on a day trip to Latvia and Estonia, which cost over £62,000. Similarly, the Prime Minister’s overseas trip to Prague in the third quarter of 2022 cost £40,000.

‘Sunak doesn’t care about climate rules’

The Liberal Democrats have targeted Sunak over these expenses. “He (Sunak) may pretend to care about a green future with his so-called ‘Green Day’, but he really doesn’t,” said Vera Hobhouse, the Liberal Party’s energy and climate spokeswoman.

At the same time, the data also revealed that the Prime Minister’s accommodation, food and other expenses including visa cost about 20,000 pounds. And, the special thing in this is that this cost does not include the expenses of other officers who went on trips.

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