500 Vande Bharat Express, 35 hydrogen trains, know what the railways expect from the budget

500 Vande Bharat Express, 35 hydrogen trains, know what the railways expect from the budget


Budget 2023: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the budget on February 1, for which all sectors and common people have high hopes. Railways also have special hopes from the financial year 2023-24. It is being told that the Finance Minister can announce 500 Vande Bharat Express and 35 Hydrogen trains for the railway sector. Along with this, 4000 new auto mobile carrier coaches and 58000 wagon trains can also be gifted.

At the same time, it is also expected that senior citizens can also be given concession in railway fare. According to a report in the Times of India, a budget of 1.9 lakh crores can be found for the Railways in this year’s budget. Let us know what else the Finance Minister can announce in the budget.

What will be special for railways in the budget

Before 2017, a separate budget was presented for the Railways, but now it has been merged with the Union Budget (Union Budget 2023). In such a situation, the railway sector is expecting a lot from this budget. Giving relief to the railway passengers, the announcement of exemption in fare can also be made by the Finance Minister. Along with this, the budget of railways can also be increased. These funds can be used to make railway new lines, gauge change, electrification, best signalling. Along with this, special announcements can also be made for the railway infrastructure.

Announcement can also be made regarding bullet train

Railways hope that the government will not only make a special announcement for Vande Bharat Express trains as well as hydrogen train in the budget, but will also focus on increasing the budget for bullet train. The government can bring a plan to export Vande Bharat Express trains to foreign countries as well. Apart from this, announcements can also be made to increase its speed.

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Budget to develop stations

It is expected that there may be an emphasis on railway infrastructure in the upcoming budget. Apart from this, modernization, electrification, platform development and small lines can also be upgraded in this budget. A budget can be announced to develop the major railway stations of the country including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh.

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