60 storms wreaked havoc in 8 states of America, affected the habitations of 80 million people, emergency

60 storms wreaked havoc in 8 states of America, affected the habitations of 80 million people, emergency

US Tornado: Storms have created havoc in America. There were about 60 storms in 7 states, which affected the lives of crores of people. Electric poles have been broken at various places and thousands of trees have been uprooted. The storm has destroyed a large number of houses and houses. At the same time, lakhs of people are in the dark due to power supply failure.

According to the BBC report, dozens of dangerous tornadoes occurred in America on Friday and Saturday, in which 26 people lost their lives, and thousands of people were trapped everywhere. The situation got so bad that emergency had to be imposed in many states of America’s South and Midwest. Tornadoes and cyclones are wreaking havoc in America for the last few days.

Tornado caused major damage in Little Rock area

Here in the San Francisco Bay area, the deteriorating conditions due to the storm killed dozens of people. Local officials said that several people have died in incidents related to the disaster. Many cities of California have been submerged, to save people from there, relief-disaster forces are running rescue operations.

Billions of dollars in damage to property in California

Let us tell that Tornadoes come in America, which are called storms or storms in India. There is less loss of life in this, but there is a big loss of property. Recently, when the California Bomb Cyclone came in California, there was a loss of billions of dollars.

Electricity stopped, thousands of people in the dark

Now the storms in 8 states of America have affected the lives of about 80 million people. Dozens of people have died in Tennessee, Arkansas and Illinois in the US. 2600 buildings have been damaged in Arkansas alone. The power stations have been destroyed, due to which thousands of people spent the night in the dark in the damaged houses.

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