8 months pregnant woman became a victim of Google’s layoff, heard on social media

8 months pregnant woman became a victim of Google’s layoff, heard on social media


Google Layoffs 2023: Big tech companies are facing economic recession all over the world, for which they have found the only way to lay off their employees. Recently, Google had announced the layoff of its 12000 employees, it has started. To deal with this, Google is trying to reduce its expenses. Slowly many thousands of employees are being thrown out of their jobs, and this process is not taking the name of stopping. On the other hand, such an employee has been included in this list, who is a woman. Along with this, an unborn child of 34 weeks is growing in her womb. This woman has shared her grief on the social media platform LinkedIn. The post of the woman is becoming fiercely viral on social media. Know what he said….

34 weeks pregnant taken out

The name of this woman is Catherine Wong. Catherine works as a program manager at Google. Catherine is now 34 weeks pregnant. Means she is going to give birth to a child after a week. This woman has written in a LinkedIn post that, just wait for 7 days and then I will be able to see my child. I am going on maternity leave from next week. everything looks good. My team takes full care of me.

suddenly received a message on the phone

Catherine has further written that, this week I will handover the documents, so that I can go on vacation comfortably. I can make preparations to welcome my child peacefully. Everything was going well. But suddenly the notification of the message came on the phone. When I opened the message, my heartbeat increased, my heart sank. Couldn’t believe it, but it was true. I was among the 12,000 people who were laid off by Google.

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i don’t understand what to do now

Catherine said that the first thought that came to mind, why only me? After all, how did I join those 12000 people, while my performance as a program manager got positive reviews. The company was happy with my work. My team was growing. I have completed many difficult projects till now, but this one is the most difficult. Its timing is wrong. can not understand anything. What to do now

where to go to find a job

He has written that the timing of going to my job is so bad what to do. Catherine said, I am 34 weeks pregnant. Where should I go, whom should I talk to for a job. The bell is ringing continuously on the mobile phone. People are doing WhatsApp. People are worried about me and I am worried about my child. Now I am not able to understand what to do in such a condition. I don’t want these negative feelings bubbling up inside me to affect my child.

layoffs started in google

Giant tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft have laid off thousands of employees in the last few months. After this, now Google has registered its name in this list by retrenchment of employees.

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