8 stabs with knife one after the other, people kept watching the spectacle on the road

8 stabs with knife one after the other, people kept watching the spectacle on the road


Tamil Nadu Murder Case: In Tamil Nadu, a man has killed his wife by stabbing her with a knife. The matter is of Vellore area where this person, who has been identified by the name Jaishankar, carried out this incident in the middle of the road. The entire incident of murder was captured in the CCTV camera, in which the crowd present at the spot appeared as spectators.

Actually, a woman named Punia used to work in a private shoe company. On Monday (January 24) night, Punita was returning home after finishing her work when her husband Jaishankar met her on the road and stabbed her one after the other. During this, people were seen passing by but no one tried to stop the accused.

A total of 8 knife attacks…

In the CCTV footage that surfaced, accused Jaishankar attacked his wife with a knife first once… then second time… third time… fourth time and a total of 8 times. During this, Punita also tried to save herself, but she was seriously injured due to the knife attack and fell on the road. In the footage, the accused is visible even while absconding.

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Police engaged in investigation

After the accused left, some people present around were seen going to the victim woman and she was hurriedly admitted to the Ambur Government Hospital. According to the latest information, Punita has died during treatment due to serious injuries. At the same time, on the basis of CCTV footage, the Vellore police is now investigating the case and it is being claimed to arrest the accused soon.

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