Corona Hospital inaugurated at Pauwadang in Bhojpur

Corona Hospital inaugurated at Pauwadang in Bhojpur

Bhojpur, 17 October. For the first time in the district, Kovid-19 temporary hospital has been brought into operation in Pauwadung of Bhojpur district. The village municipality has brought a five-bed hospital with necessary facilities into operation. The municipality has constructed a temporary hospital with necessary facilities for the treatment of Kovid patients in Pauwadung. The locals are happy that this village municipality has brought the hospital into operation for the first time out of the nine local levels of the district. They are now confident of getting health facilities at the local level. Vishnu Bhattarai, a local, said, “We are very happy that our local government has built a separate hospital for the treatment of Corona. Now it is very easy for us to get health care.”

The village municipality has stated that the hospital has been constructed as per the instructions of the central government. Village Municipality Chairperson Kiran Rai said that the municipality would expand its services to the locals by investing Rs 1 million from the center. Chairman Rai said, “We have succeeded in constructing a temporary hospital targeting Kovid-19. We are also working in the areas of health, education, transportation, drinking water for the expansion of other essential services of our local people. This will directly benefit the people.”

Village Municipality Vice-Chairperson Samjhana Rai said that the construction of the hospital has facilitated the patients of Kovid, pregnant women, children and the elderly. Vice-Chairperson Rai said, “The village municipality is doing a lot of work in the field of health, especially during the lockdown in the past. We are operating. ‘

The locals will get video X-ray, blood test, lab and other facilities from the district hospital. Similarly, Dr. Kailash Bishkarma of the hospital informed that there was oxygen in all the beds. He said that a team including a medical officer would provide services to the locals at the hospital. According to the District Administration Office, Bhojpur, the construction of the hospital will make the treatment of Kovid patients easier. Chief District Officer Basanta Raj Puri said that the work being done under the leadership of the locals is very good. Prajia Puri said, “Many people in Kovid have problems in treatment due to lack of oxygen and other necessary facilities in the hospital. The construction of such hospitals at the village level has added ease to our management.” Experts say that the construction of a separate hospital for Kovid will make the treatment easier.

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