These 13 sensitive proposals if they become inactive without discussion, Every Nepali should know

These 13 sensitive proposals if they become inactive without discussion, Every Nepali should know

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With the end of the budget session of the federal parliament, 13 proposals under consideration have automatically become inactive. None of the registered proposals came up for discussion. There are two proposals of public importance. There are nine similar resolution proposals and two attention-grabbing proposals. None of the registration proposals were discussed in the sixth convention.
According to the Federal Parliament Secretariat Business Advisory Division, the registration proposals have not been discussed. He has proposals on border disputes, rescue of Nepali citizens stranded abroad and other issues. Inactive proposals will have to be re-registered if there is justification for discussion in the next session as well.
Of the proposals, two issues of public importance were not discussed. The proposal of MPs Dilla Sangraula and Prakash Rasaili, who were registered with the demand for repatriation of citizens who want to return home in the course of foreign employment, was not discussed. Similarly, the proposal of public importance including the demand for issuance of the Early Childhood Development Act has also become inactive without discussion.
Similarly, five proposals related to the border dispute have become unjustified. The registration proposal was not discussed along with the demand for political and administrative presence in the area including Limpiyadhura. Six people, including CPN (Maoist) MP Ganesh Thagunna, had registered the proposal. The resolution registered by CPN (Maoist) MP Khagraj Adhikari with the demand to secure Nepali land was also not discussed. Similarly, the proposal of four lawmakers including Congress MP Dilendra Prasad Badu was not discussed. The map was made public and a proposal was registered to stop the construction of roads in the region by India and China.
Similarly, two different resolution proposals registered by CPN (Maoist) MPs Rajendra Saad Gautam and Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel with the demand of issuing a new map were not discussed and became inactive. Even the proposal of Congress MP Devendra Raj Kandel regarding the border was not discussed.
The resolution registered by 45 people, including CPN (Maoist) MP Anjana Bishankhe, for the National Awareness Campaign to reduce the existing situation of caste discrimination was also not discussed.
Stating that the incidents of violence have increased during the shutdown, the resolution registered with the demand to stop such incidents even through the use of alternative methods was not discussed. The proposal was registered by Congress MPs Dilla Sangraula and Rangamati Shahi. MP Dilla Sangraula’s proposal on locust prevention and control was also not discussed.
Similarly, two attention-grabbing proposals registered by the Opposition MPs were not discussed. The proposal registered on behalf of Congress MP Bal Krishna Khan, including demands to increase PCR tests and organize quarantine to reduce covid risk, was not discussed. Pushpa Bhusal and Gagan Thapa are the supporters of the proposal. Stating that various incidents of violence are taking place in the quarantine, the registration proposal was not discussed, drawing attention to the need for safe quarantine and action against the perpetrators of the incidents of violence. The proposal was registered on behalf of Congress MP Dilla Sangraula. MPs Pramila Rai and Hira Gurung supported the proposal.

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shekhar sharma
shekhar sharma
11 months ago

Very good… I like it

shekhar sharma
shekhar sharma
11 months ago

Very good i like it.