Affair with Trump!  This adult star came in the headlines, said to the fans – Now I do this work..

Affair with Trump! This adult star came in the headlines, said to the fans – Now I do this work..


Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels News: Former US President Donald Trump has been in trouble for hiding a sexual relationship with an adult film star. The adult star who disclosed the affair with Trump is named Stormy Daniels. There are allegations against Trump that he had given money to Stormy Daniels before contesting the US presidential election in 2016, so that she would not tell anything to anyone and Trump would not be defamed. However, Stormy Daniels opened her mouth after some time and said that Trump made physical relations with her. After this, this news was in headlines all over the world.

There are reports in the US media that Trump may be jailed for hiding his affair with a porn-actress and paying her, as the Manhattan Grand Jury of New York has decided to indict Trump on Thursday (March 30) . Trump will now have to appear in New York court on Tuesday (April 4) to face the criminal charges against him. If the allegations against him are proved, he will be the first former US President to be punished in a criminal case.

Stormy is making headlines, people are searching on the internet
Apart from Trump, social media users are now discussing about Stormy Daniels. The matter has become so highlighted that on the one hand, former US President Donald Trump is facing a cloud of trouble. On the other hand, Stormy Daniels is making headlines. Many people have come in support of Stormy Daniels. The porn star is seen as an immoral woman in the society, but due to the Trump case, people praising Stormy Daniels are increasing rapidly. There has been a big jump in the number of his followers. Stormy Daniels has called her fans ‘Thank you’ for this.

This revelation of adult star created panic
According to media reports, Stormy Daniels claimed in a magazine that she met Donald Trump in 2006 and had sex. She said that she was 27 then and Trump was 57. He said, ‘The experience with Trump was very bad’. Trump’s difficulties arose as soon as many such things came in the media. However, Trump and his supporters called Stormy’s claims ‘fake’.

Stormy Daniels’ growing fan base
After the decision to prosecute Trump, many people are showing sympathy towards Stormy Daniels. To such people, Stormy Daniels wrote on Twitter, “Thank you everyone for your support and love!” At the same time, in a post of the people associated with him, it was written, “Teamstormy Merchant / Autograph orders are coming in.”

Please tell that Stormy is now 44 years old. She is now recognized as a writer, director and media personality. She has launched her own reality TV show, “Spooky Babes”, in which she explores haunted houses as a “paranormal investigator”.

What do you do nowadays?, this question was answered on Twitter
When a Twitter user asked her, “What am I doing this week,” Stormi replied, “Nothing in particular, but why are you curious… I just fed horses and manned the stalls, took pictures and # Signed TeamStormi’s shirt and mailed it to him. Booked a site for a music video I was making, swam in the pool, and then did my live show.” He said, “That’s all I did, as always.”

Don’t hesitate to talk about Trump
However, she does not shy away from talking about her relationship with Trump. Have talked about that many times. According to a report in British newspaper The Independent, Stormi said on Wednesday on a livestream on OnlyFans, an online subscription platform known for adult content, “You grab the opportunity.”

According to the Pornhub website, the search for Stormy Daniels has increased by 21,655% due to the Trump-scandal. That means many people are going to watch Stormi on porn-websites.

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