After reconciliation with Saudi, Iran has now signed a security agreement with this Islamic country

After reconciliation with Saudi, Iran has now signed a security agreement with this Islamic country


Iran-Iraq Relations: Iran and Saudi Arabia, two big Islamic countries of the world, are restoring their diplomatic relations by forgetting their years of enmity. Both will soon open embassies at each other’s place. Their mutual agreement is being seen as a very successful effort towards establishing peace in the world. Meanwhile, Iran has signed a security-cooperation agreement with another Islamic country.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) secretary Ali Shamkhani met Iraq’s National Security Advisor Qasim al-Araji yesterday (on Sunday, March 19), where the two signed an agreement on security cooperation in Baghdad. At the same time, Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al Sudani also participated in a ceremony.

According to the report of Iran’s news agency IRNA, their government has entered into a security-cooperation agreement with the Iranian government to strengthen mutual security arrangements. The agreement, drawn up over the past months, will play a key role in tackling and managing security challenges posed by hostile actions by anti-Iranian groups based in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. The SNSC chief was quoted as saying that any tension and crisis in the areas adjacent to the common border of the two countries would weaken their security-peace system and hinder the development of the border towns of both. In such a situation, both these countries have entered into a security-cooperation agreement. Under this, strict action will be taken against those who create internal or external tension.

‘Military and intelligence threats must be removed’
The SNSC chief said that there is a need to address the military and intelligence threats posed by anti-Iranian armed groups and mercenaries as well as US forces based in Iraq. At the same time, the government of Iraq talked about promoting mutual brotherhood. Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani said, the government and people of Iraq will always appreciate the support and assistance of their Iranian brothers. The Prime Minister said that the signing of the agreement between Baghdad and Tehran indicated that the Iranian and Iraqi authorities would keep the two countries united.

‘Iraq will not allow its land to be used against Iran’
The Prime Minister of Iraq said that our government will not allow any party to use its land to compromise Iran’s security. Please tell that the borders of Iran and Iran are adjacent to each other. At one time the bitterness between the two had become so much that their rule did not suit each other. However, now the relationship between these two is getting thicker.

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