Air force’s ‘catastrophe’ amidst tension from China, Rafale-Sukhoi will show strength, S-400 also deployed

Air force’s ‘catastrophe’ amidst tension from China, Rafale-Sukhoi will show strength, S-400 also deployed

Pralay Exercise On LAC: Amidst the ongoing standoff with China, our Air Force is going to conduct a major exercise in Northeast India. This war exercise has been named ‘Pralaya’. Sources associated with the Air Force told that the ‘Holocaust’ will be carried out from all the major airbases. The recently deployed drone squadron will also be a part of it.

S-400 Air Defense Squadron also deployed

The Pralay exercise is taking place at a time when the Indian Air Force has deployed and activated the S-400 Air Defense Squadron in the Eastern Sector, which can destroy any enemy aircraft or missile within 400 km. Capable of hitting from a distance. Very few countries in the world have this type of air defense system. India has done this deal with Russia in billions of dollars.

Second command-level exercise in recent months

According to officials, the Indian Air Force’s ‘Pralaya’ exercise will see transport and other aircraft as well as major combat assets of the IAF including Rafale and Sukhoi-30 fighter jets. This is the second such command-level exercise being conducted by the IAF in recent months.

Recently, the Indian Air Force transferred a squadron of drones from other bases to the North-East to enhance its capabilities to monitor hostile activities along the Sikkim and Siliguri corridor sectors.

China is increasing its activities in Doklam area

Quoting officials, news agency ANI said that China is also increasing its activities in the Doklam region and Indian security agencies are continuously monitoring it.

The Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force in Shillong has airfields for surveillance along the China border as well as the entire Northeast and often when Chinese aircraft try to fly too close to the LAC or move towards Indian positions there Fighter planes chase them away.

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