American woman became victim of ‘Bucket Challenge’ prank, had to go to hospital

American woman became victim of ‘Bucket Challenge’ prank, had to go to hospital


Bucket Challenge Prank On American Woman: A woman was badly injured after four boys pulled off a ‘bucket challenge’ prank in California. The matter increased so much that he was admitted to the hospital. According to Fox News, Lana Clay-Monaghan was shopping in the baby section of a Target store in Tustin on Sunday (March 26). During this, suddenly a bucket came on his head. Lana told in the interview that due to this she was not able to breathe.

bucket placed on the head of a shopping woman

In a statement, the Tustin Police Department said, “On Sunday, March 26, 2023, at approximately 2:45 p.m., four boys entered Target and began walking around. Several minutes later, one of them picked up a bucket and handed it to a woman making a purchase.” Placed on the head of an adult woman.”. Several seconds later, the teens are seen running from the store.” The woman was identified as Lana Clay-Monaghan.

According to the police, “Lana Clay-Monaghan was unconscious as a result of the incident. She was taken to a local hospital, and a police report was taken.” Detectives with the Tustin Police Department immediately launched an investigation, and are asking anyone with additional information regarding this incident to contact them immediately.

This prank is famous on Instagram- Tik Tok

Lana Clay-Monaghan becomes the target of a ‘bucket challenge’ prank while shopping at a Target store. This prank is well known on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. The Bucket Challenge involves covering the head of an unprepared person with a bucket. The person whose head is covered with the bucket does not know about it beforehand.

Often this prank is done only on a person doing shopping. This is very surprising for them. The purpose of this prank is also to see the sudden restless reactions and behavior of the victim. Such videos are popular on the video-sharing website with millions of views.

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