Amidst retrenchment, this company gave good news, CEO said- 800 employees will be recruited

Amidst retrenchment, this company gave good news, CEO said- 800 employees will be recruited

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal Jobs: These days, in big companies in the country and the world, employees are being thrown out of their jobs. On the other hand, Zomato, a food delivery company in India, has given good news. Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal has revealed the job offer on the social media platform LinkedIn Post. Deepinder Goyal said that, vacancies have been drawn for 800 posts for different roles in the company. He wrote that ‘We have work for 24 * 7 … You directly send me resume for this .. Know what is the new update …

800 Vacancy for 5 Roles

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal has announced a new recruitment on LinkedIn. He has written in his post that about 800 vacancies have come out for 5 roles in Zomato. If you know someone good for any of these roles, suggest them to get in touch. The posts of Growth Manager, Product ‘Owner’, Chief of Staff to CEO, Generalist and Software Development Engineer have been included in the company.

CEO said, send resume directly to me

Founder Deepinder Goyal has offered 5 types of jobs in new recruitment for Zomato. He said if you are eligible for this post of Zomato, then you can mail your resume to Deepinder Goyal says that he wants to add qualified people to his team.

Jobs for the post ‘Chief of Staff to CEO’

Deepinder Goyal, the founder of Zomato has posted a huge number of job vacancies in the company. For a specific role titled ‘Chief of Staff to CEO’, the advertisement has been released. It reads that “one of our CEOs (Zomato, Blinkit, Hyperpure) will be not less than a mini-CEO as chief of staff.

layoffs last year

It is known that in November 2022 last year, Zomato started laying off employees. Then this was done to cut the cost of the food delivery platform and become profitable. About 100 employees were affected in this case in functions such as product, technology, catalog and marketing, although supply chain people were not affected.

The company clarified

In this regard, a company spokesperson said that Swiggy, which is Zomato’s main competitor in the food and grocery delivery market, has fired 380 employees last week. India’s startup ecosystem has been shaken.

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