Bees will be used to protect crops from elephants in Madhya Pradesh

Bees will be used to protect crops from elephants in Madhya Pradesh

Crop Management in India: Flood, rain and drought harm the crops of the farmers. All these are divine calamities, that means they cannot be stopped even by wishing. Apart from this, pests and diseases harm the crops of the farmers. On the other hand, in some states, Nilgai, deer and stray animals become a major cause of crop damage. But elephants continue to be the major reason for damage to crops in this state. Now this state has taken a great step to deal with elephants. 

Elephant herd destroys crops

Actually, Madhya Pradesh Herds of elephants keep roaming in the border areas of India. There is a lot of terror of elephants in this area. Farmers say that elephants come to the fields in the form of a herd and completely destroy the crop. Farmers cultivate Mahua in these areas. Just like elephants graze on Mahua agriculture. He gets intoxicated. They destroy the entire crop by creating terror while intoxicated. Due to fear, the farmer does not even have the courage to drive away the elephants. 

This is how bees will deal with elephants

The state government has decided to deal with elephants. Made a new plan for. Now a swarm of bees will deal with a herd of elephants. The state government will use small bees to keep elephants away from the crop. How to deal with these elephants? The government has issued SOP for this. Experts say that the areas where elephants roam more. Bee boxes will be installed there. As soon as the elephants come to the farm. The bees present in the fields will sting on the trunk, eyes and other parts of the elephants. Elephants get scared by this. Do not like to come to that farm again. 

Beekeeping will be done at these places

According to the state government, at which places beekeeping will be done . A place has also been marked for this. According to the information, beekeeping will be promoted in the villages of Sidhi, Singrauli, Shahdol, Anuppur, Umaria, Dindori and Mandla districts. With this step, the crops will be saved from the attack of elephants. The farming of the farmers will be good and the yield will be good. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission had distributed 100 boxes of bees to 10 beneficiaries in Morena district last year under the Honey Mission programme. 

Control elephants like this

Forest department officials say that while controlling elephants, there should not be any mischief at all. Due to this, elephants can deteriorate and can cause loss of life and property. They can be driven away by high intensity lights, firecrackers, burning of cow dung cakes with chilli powder, sound of buzzing of bees and beating of drums. Hathi Mitra Dal is being formed to control elephants. Farmers and common people are also being trained on how to control elephants. Please tell that last year more than 8 people had died in the attack of elephants.  

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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