Beware: The WHO has made a frightening revelation about the Corona infection that is on the rise in Nepal

Beware: The WHO has made a frightening revelation about the Corona infection that is on the rise in Nepal

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that there is a \’cluster of cases\’ of Covid-19 infection in Nepal.  This is before the spread of corona infection in the community.  Currently in South and East Asia, India, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Myanmar are among the countries infected with the group.  Earlier, the WHO had termed the spread of corona in Nepal as a \’sporadic case\’.

The WHO defines the level of corona proliferation as \”sporadic case\”, \”cluster of case\” and finally \”community transmission\”.  Currently, corona infections have spread to communities in Bangladesh and Indonesia, as well as in South and East Asian countries.  A spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Jageshwar Gautam, said on Monday that \”there has been no evidence of coronary heart disease in the community so far.\”  He also mentioned that the WHO has put Nepal on the list of \’cases of covid in particular\’

But an official from the Ministry of Health said, \”Looking at the country as a whole, we can say that the situation is ahead of the community transmission, but for some areas, it is the situation of the community transmission.\”  According to him, the risk of infection is higher in the communities where sporadic corona is seen.  He said that the reason for such a situation is that the contact tracing of the infected is not done properly.

\”We are in a very dangerous situation.  If the government and the community do not play a positive role, we will go to a state like India, \’said senior public health expert P.D.  Madhu Dixit Devkota says, \”There is no basis to say that we do not have community transmission now.\” She says more research is needed as recent events point to a transition in the community.  So far, no sero-prevalence survey has been conducted in the Corona community in the country.  Experts have been complaining that the ministry has not paid much attention to the issue, despite the fact that the survey is urgent.

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