BJP is taking advantage in the fight of Pilot Vs Gehlot!  ‘Only ministers and MLAs are raising questions’

BJP is taking advantage in the fight of Pilot Vs Gehlot! ‘Only ministers and MLAs are raising questions’


Sachin Pilot Vs Ashok Gehlot: Assembly elections are about to be held in Rajasthan at the end of this year and just before the elections, everything is not looking right in the Congress. There is once again a deadlock between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot. In such a situation, the BJP sitting in the opposition is benefiting. The BJP is targeting the Congress leaders for their mutual tussle.

BJP leader GS Shekhawat told news agency ANI, “Now that the former Deputy Chief Minister and one of the party’s strongmen are questioning the functioning of the party, the head of the government and its leaders should understand the pain of the public.”

‘Unify the leaders first’

He further said, “Ashok Gehlot’s ministers and MLAs keep questioning their government.” Earlier, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala had posted a video asking Rahul Gandhi to unite the leaders of his party before trying to unite the country.

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What did the leader of the pilot group say on the comment on Corona

It is noteworthy that the supporters of Sachin Pilot are also publicly expressing their displeasure. Congress MLA and Pilot loyalist Ved Prakash Solanki, in response to the Chief Minister’s comment on Corona, said, “If the corona virus has spread then there is a need for vaccination. If the right vaccine does not come at the right time, the consequences will be fatal for the whole of Rajasthan.” “

First useless and then Corona…

Let us tell you that some time ago, the Chief Minister of the state, Ashok Gehlat, in an interview given to a news channel, had even called Sachin Pilot useless. After which there was a lot of dirt on the Congress party. At the same time, Gehlot has said that “in the party corona virus The entry has been done.” This video also became very viral on social media.

Pilot raised questions in paper leak case

Actually, this tussle between Pilot and Gehlot has started again regarding the issue of paper leak. The pilot had said, “Hey, it is being said that no officer, no leader was involved in this… So the copy of the paper is in the vault… It has become a witchcraft. Only a magician would be involved in the paper leak case.” .” On Friday, he said, “When you give respect, you get respect… You cannot take back what you say once.” It is believed that he has given this statement regarding Gehlot only.

‘It is very easy to speak foul language’

Sachin Pilot further said, “When elections come, we oppose each other. It should be done on the basis of issues. The topics I talked about in the last five days were based on the issues of farmers and youth. There were no personal attacks on anyone. It is quite easy to indulge in personal attacks and use hate speech.”

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