Can Nasal Spray Help Treat Brain Stroke? Know What The Study Says

Can Nasal Spray Help Treat Brain Stroke? Know What The Study Says

Brain Stroke: Ischemic stroke occurs when an artery in the brain becomes blocked. Blood circulation is not possible. Due to lack of oxygen, the cells of the brain die, as a result of which there is disability on the whole body, the person also dies. According to the CDC, stroke is the biggest cause of death in America. In America alone, 7 lakh 95 thousand people get stroke every year. In India, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and the fifth leading cause of disability. Although previous research has shown that the brain can heal itself after a stroke, but to a certain extent. It has also been found in the study that spraying drugs on the nose can help in recovering from a brain stroke.

Can nasal spray be used for treatment?

Much earlier research suggested that certain antibodies could help the brain heal by inhibiting the activity of Nogo-A, which inhibits brain development, but unfortunately it has proved difficult to get the antibodies to the brain. , because these antibodies were found to be too large to pass through the blood-brain barrier. However, in this new effort, the researchers adopted a new method and that is to test the antibodies by injecting them into a nasal spray. Previous research has shown that some drugs can detect odors. which travel to nerve cells. They may be able to reach the brain through the nose because they contain long fibers that run through the nasal passages to the brain. Medicine that counteracts the effects of a stroke can be sprayed over the nose. can be reached to the brain by doing. To go to the depth of this The researchers created a nasal spray for use on stroke-prone rats.

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Revealed in the study

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Newcastle University in Zurich have done this study on rats affected by brain stroke. The team first cut off blood flow to certain parts of the mice’s brains. After this, the effect of stroke was investigated. Some rats were given antibody nasal spray once every day for 2 weeks, as a result of which it was found that after 4 weeks of stroke, they saw an improvement of about 60%. At the same time, this figure was about 30% in rats taking placebo treatment. According to researchers, drugs sprayed over the nose may be able to counter the effects of brain stroke. They can be delivered to the brain by spraying over the nose.

Nasal spray is in the form of an aerosol. It contains therapeutic peptide compounds, its delivery is done from the nose to the brain. The team of researchers examined the brains of mice, and found that more new fibers were seen in the treated mice. Here the antibody level is effective in repairing the wound caused by stroke. This shows that there is regenerative power inside the brain. Antibodies sprayed into the noses of mice repaired stroke-like damage to the brain. This may be because the drugs travel through nerve cells.

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