China Japan Relations: Arch-opponents join hands!  Japan’s Foreign Minister reached China after 3 years

China Japan Relations: Arch-opponents join hands! Japan’s Foreign Minister reached China after 3 years


China Japan Relations: China and Japan… two diametrically opposite countries of Asia, between whose governments the door of reconciliation has now opened. After many years, the Japanese Foreign Minister has reached China. Meeting the hands of the representatives of both the countries is a shocking step for the world. That’s why global experts are keeping an eye on what talks will happen between the two countries.

According to media reports, Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi is meeting China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang, both of whom have met in Beijing. This meeting has taken place at a time when there is a situation of confrontation between China and Japan.

Relations between these two countries remained tense
Significantly, both China and Japan are the largest economies of Asia, and in terms of technology, they are also counted among the leading countries of the world. There is not much difference in the culture of both, but mutual relations have been hostile since the beginning. There was a time when China was ruled by Japan, millions of people were killed in the bloody conflict between the two. Then, at the end of World War II, Japan became a victim of nuclear attack, then all the areas of China became independent.

This is how the dragon became the second big economy
China changed rapidly after Japan’s defeat. At the same time, the dispute between the people of China and the Japanese also increased. Under the rule of the Maoist government, such an industrial revolution took place in China that by the turn of the 21st century, it left Japan behind and became the world’s largest economy. Now there are many such issues between the two countries, due to which they are rivals of each other. China is the largest in the continent of Asia in terms of area and population, secondly, the size of its economy is also much higher than other Asian countries. China’s army is the largest army in the world. There even a democratic government is not elected, now Jinping is supreme. Due to some such reasons, China keeps bullying all the neighboring countries like Japan and India.

China-Japan dispute over islands
The main reason for the dispute between China and Japan is the occupation of the islands. In the South China Sea, there is a Japanese-dominated Senkaku Islands, which China claims as its own. Actually, Senkaku is a group of 8 islands located in the East China Sea. No one lives on these. These islands are located northeast of Taiwan, east of the Chinese mainland and southeast of Japan. Not only Japan, China has also claimed the islands of many other Asian countries. In such a situation, the world wants to see what will be the talks between China and Japan in the official meeting after 3 years, what will be the issues on which there is scope for agreement between them. It will be clear after the meeting is over.

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