Class 12 examination will be held in before dashain

Class 12 examination will be held in before dashain

The way will soon be opened for the students who are appearing for the class 12 examination to study in higher education. The way has been opened for the students to study higher education after the National Examination Board (NEB) moved ahead with the process of giving out the postponed exams of class 12 students.

Krishna Prasad Sharma, Controller of Examinations of the Board (see class 11 and 12) said that they are engaged in the final preparations to take the postponed examination as soon as possible without wasting the academic session of the students. Council officials are preparing to take the exam ten days in advance by giving advance notice to the students 21 days in advance.

Impossible in the old model

The board has been given various suggestions on how to find a way out of the postponed examination. In the old model, it was not possible for students to sit for the exam in the classroom at the same time all over the country.

New option

The board is holding discussions on the issue of conducting the examination by adopting some method to make the best use of the student\’s academic session.

Controller of Examinations Sharma said that it is not possible to work by any other method except taking the exam as the class 12 examination will complete one level of education and it will also get international level recognition.

In this process, it has been stated that there is a possibility to evaluate the students by writing 50 marks and other methods of 50 marks.

Let\’s not question the legitimacy

Educationist P.D. Vasudev Kafle says that the students of class 12 should find a way out by using both the method of examination and open examination. He said that the students should be invited to the nearest school or their own school and the option of taking the exam by maintaining social distance should be considered. He said that it should be considered as the validity of the exam is being questioned.

Stakeholders have suggested testing Class 12 at the local level without coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. It is said that such suggestions have also come from the local level. Controller of Examinations Sharma said that it was also made a topic of discussion

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