Common man’s pocket will be hit by financial crisis!  Poor Pakistan increased the train fare

Common man’s pocket will be hit by financial crisis! Poor Pakistan increased the train fare


Pakistan Economy Crisis: At present, there is a severe economic crisis in Pakistan. Pakistan is suffering in every way. In order to deal with the economic crisis, the government of the country is increasing the money every day in one way or the other. Recently, Pakistan Electricity Department has increased the prices of electricity. Now the Railway Ministry of Pakistan has decided to increase the fare of the country’s special train by 25 percent.

Pakistan had decided to restore the service of the Greenline Express train made from China from December 20 last month itself. However, due to financial constraints, the government has now decided that it will start from January 27. This Greenline Express train is going to run between Islamabad and Karachi. According to the media reports of Pakistan, the government has also decided to increase the fare of the Green Line train by 25 percent.

Maximum price of a ticket 10,000

Green Line Express train has 2 AC Parlour, 5 AC Business, 6 AC Standard and 4 to 5 Economy Class coaches. Pakistan Railways has increased the economy class ticket of Green Line train from Rawalpindi to Karachi to Rs 4000, while the AC standard ticker from Karachi to Rawalpindi has been fixed at Rs 8000. Similarly, the business class fare from Karachi to Rawalpindi was increased to 10,000 and from Lahore-Karachi to 9,500. Earlier, Railways concerned officer Khwaja Saad Rafiq was directed to reduce the travel time of Green Line from Lahore to Karachi to less than 20 hours, which would restore the confidence of passengers in National Railways.

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100 billion dollar debt on Pakistan

At present Pakistan has a debt of $100 billion. Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz Sharif is constantly seeking loans from neighboring countries China and Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia has promised a loan of $10 billion. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are also only $ 4 billion, which is very less considering the current situation.

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