Companies like Google consider employees as disposable, throw them after use – know who said

Companies like Google consider employees as disposable, throw them after use – know who said

Google Layoffs 2023: The period of economic recession has started in countries around the world, to deal with it, big tech companies are reducing their expenses. The effect of which is now being clearly seen on the employees of the companies. The companies in which once used to be the dream of a person to work, today those companies are showing the way out of the job even to their senior employees. Those who have been working in the company for a long time, now the sword of retrenchment is hanging over them. Gradually many thousands of employees are being thrown out of their jobs. This series is not taking the name of stopping. The same second and world’s largest tech company Google has also joined this list. A Google employee has expressed the pain of getting fired from the job on the social media platform. Knowing which you can guess, what pain the employees are facing after leaving the job, know what is the whole matter…..

lay off 12,000 employees

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc has announced the layoff of about 12,000 employees. With this decision of the company, engineering manager Justin Moore has lost his job, who served Google for almost 17 years (16 years 5 months). Yet the company has suddenly thrown him out.

posted on linkedin

According to media reports, Justin Moore wrote in a LinkedIn post, after working at Google for more than 16.5 years, I found out at 3.00 am today that I am one of the lucky 12,000 whose job Gone. I have realized that my company account has been automatically deactivated. I don’t have any other information, because no message has been given to me. He said that the experience of working with the company for 16 years was wonderful. He is proud of the work he and his team had done during this period. I got to work with great people and connected with people from all over the world..

morale of employees

Justin Moore, who played the role of Engineer, said, “A job that just runs your house is not your life. Big companies including Google only see you as 100% disposable, ie those who can be thrown away after use, so live life, not work. Earlier, the Alphabet Workers Union had termed the retrenchment decision as unacceptable. The union says that last year the company earned $17 billion in profit. Now our jobs are in danger.

Will help till you get a new job

After the announcement of the retrenchment, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company will provide all possible help to each employee affected by the retrenchment until a new job is found. Employees will be given the benefit of service package as well as other facilities. In this, the bonus of the year 2022 and the remaining leave time will also be paid to the affected employees.

layoffs started in google

After Twitter, Facebook, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft, many giant tech companies including Google, working in many countries of the world, have laid off thousands of employees in the last few months. has been trimmed. In this retrenchment, Google’s engineering manager Justin Moore has punished his pain on social media at the time of difficult times, as well as encouraged people.

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