Conducting class 11/12 examination from 11th October

Conducting class 11/12 examination from 11th October

The examination schedule of class 11 of class 11/12 schools under Biratnagar Metropolitan City has been made public. While preparations are being made to take the exam by fulfilling the security criteria, it has not been revealed yet when the exam will be conducted in other areas. The examination schedule has been made public so that the examinations of all the faculties will start from October 11th 

Only God knows when the 11th and 12th class exams will be held or not. Neither the government nor the Ministry of Education says anything. Two years ago, the National Examination Board had submitted a report to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Giriraj Mani Pokhrel, with a model and options for conducting the examination. The ministry has also shown no interest in the report.

Minister Pokharel has remained silent on the need to pave the way for conducting the examination by a decision of the Council of Ministers. The board, which has been waiting for permission to conduct the examination, has not been able to get any decision even after two weeks. With the opening of Lockdown, air and road transport has been opened, all the hotels and restaurants have been opened, and the market has also become bustling.

The future of about 426,000 students who are preparing to study higher education is in doubt due to untimely decision. Some universities have extended the academic session by conducting online exams. But the situation has reached God\’s trust because the government has become a prisoner of indecision.

The board has set up an open book, home examination center and 50 to 100 students in 1,850 schools in the first and second and third rounds in other districts and 40-40 marks in 11th and 12th examinations. The report was submitted with the option of taking the test by maintaining the experimental score of 20 marks.

Most of the schools, especially in the Himalayan and hilly districts, have less than 100 students. According to statistics, there are about 850 schools with 1,000 to 50 students with 50 to 100 students. Of them, there are about 500 schools in Bagmati with up to 100 students.

Based on the report, the ministry has not been able to give permission to conduct the examination. As Minister Pokharel did not submit the proposal with alternatives to the Council of Ministers, there is confusion over whether to conduct the examination or not. The ministry is planning to complete the Class 12 examination on the model of SEE, but it is understood that there is opposition from all quarters.

Earlier, the school was criticized for publishing the results of the SEE examination by giving marks from the school on the basis of the internal evaluation of the school. The Board has maintained that the examination should not be conducted by this method. It is appropriate to pass the proposal immediately and pave the way for taking the examination by any option. Otherwise, students may be forced to take to the streets against the government and the board.



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