Cooking on gas is very dangerous for health, there can be many diseases, know why?

Cooking on gas is very dangerous for health, there can be many diseases, know why?


Is cooking on gas more dangerous than living in a polluted city? Food is cooked on gas in most of the houses. However, according to a new research, cooking on gas is more risky for your health than living in a polluted city. Like most professionals, TV chefs prefer to cook on gas stoves rather than on electric cooking stoves. Scientists say that doing so is creating nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter (dangerous toxins found in pollution). Due to these, there is a lot of damage to the health. These not only create many problems for the lungs, but can also be found in the bloodstream. This can lead to the risk of dangerous diseases like heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

According to the report of Independent, a research has found that due to gas stove, more pollution can be generated in the house than outdoor pollution. If anyone is most vulnerable to this, then they are children and old people. According to another study, 1 in 8 cases of childhood asthma in the US is caused by the use of gas cookers. Professor Frank Kelly of Imperial College London said that the main source of indoor air pollution is gas cookers. These can increase asthma and other health problems.

The situation is worse in small houses

A study has found that Southern Californians who use gas stoves are regularly exposed to high levels of nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde, which exceed the safety limits set by US authorities for outdoor pollution. The problem is even worse in small homes that lack good ventilation. Professor Stefan Loft of the University of Copenhagen said that being connected to a gas stove is more risky than living in a polluted city.

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convert your gas stove into electric stove

Gas stoves are also promoting global warming. A study in the US has found that the climate effect of methane leaking from stoves is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from 5,00,000 petrol cars. More than 100 million people in the European Union could be exposed to severe levels of indoor air pollution from cooking on gas. Researchers have emphasized that if you have the option of converting the gas stove into an electric stove, then definitely do so.

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