Coronavirus may not end – World Health Organization

Coronavirus may not end – World Health Organization

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Kathmandu, May 22: The World Health Organization has warned that the coronavirus will never end. He said there should be a great effort to control the virus even when the vaccine is being developed.

Talking to media persons on Wednesday, the emergency director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Mike Ryan warned about when the virus will end. The corona virus has killed nearly 300,000 people worldwide and infected 4.3 million.

Dr. \”In our community, this virus can be another never-ending outbreak and it\’s important to get rid of this never-ending table,\” Ryan said. He compared the corona virus to HIV infection. Dr. Ryan explained that no one can predict the end of the virus.

Research is currently underway to develop about 100 possible vaccines around the world. He gave the example that the measles vaccine has not been eradicated so far. But World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adnom Gabres said collective efforts could control coronavirus infection.

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