Corruption, while treating 15.3 million Two infected, ???

Corruption, while treating 15.3 million Two infected, ???

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Anshu Sapkota of Baglung, who came to Nepal from Belgium on March 19, was admitted to Dhaulagiri Hospital after the corona virus was confirmed. She was hospitalized for 28 days and returned home on 12 April.

After 12 days in the hospital, on March 10, Gandaki Chief Minister Prithvi Subba called Anshu and asked him how he was. Anshu said, ‘You have not come.’ The Chief Minister repeated, ‘Have you not come to the room?’ Anshu replied, ‘You have not come. The Chief Minister said that he was talking to his doctor every day and asked him to get good treatment.

Another Corona-infected Man Kumari Poudel was admitted to Dhaulagiri Hospital and returned home on April 20. Dhaulagiri Hospital has claimed more than Rs 1.5 crore as incentive allowance for the treatment of these two.

The hospital has written to the state\’s social development ministry on May 26 demanding Rs 15.3 million. On Wednesday, MP Binod KC raised a question in the Gandaki Pradesh Sabha about demanding so much money for the treatment of the two. He said in Parliament, \”It has cost so much to cure two people. Can we afford to be infected with tens of millions tomorrow?\”
The Government of Nepal has formulated a procedure to provide incentive allowance to the doctors, health workers and staffs working in the treatment of Corona virus disease Covid 19. The Gandaki state government has also formulated a similar procedure. The Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki has also confirmed that such expenditure details have come based on the same procedure.
It is mentioned in the working procedure of the Government of Nepal that the manpower directly involved in the treatment of the patients kept in isolation for the suspicion of infection or those undergoing treatment after confirmation of the infection and the manpower collecting the sample of suspected and confirmed infection will be given 100 percent allowance of the starting salary scale. It is mentioned that 75 percent of the salary will be given to the manpower who are indirectly involved in the treatment and imaging service provider and 50 percent will be given to the person who transports patients and samples. The state has said that it will add 25 percent to the allowance given by the center.
According to the Ministry of Social Development, Dhaulagiri Hospital has submitted details to provide allowances to 119, 25 and 31 people. An official of the ministry said, \”Giving allowance to those who have been assigned to work is like sending everyone\’s name.\” The names of those who were not seen during the inspection may have been added. \’
The state government has formed the Corona Fund Management Committee under the coordination of Social Development Minister Naradevi Pun. The state government had put Rs 150 million in it. Voluntary assistance has been increased by Rs. 331 million.
A senior official of the ministry told Annapurna that the incentive allowance would be given only as per the procedure. \”We are now treating other patients in Corona. Let\’s not discourage any doctors, health workers or staff now,\” he said, requesting anonymity, \”but we will not give more than the procedure says.\” Those who get it get it, those who don\’t get it don\’t get it. \’
After Dhaulagiri Hospital submitted an expenditure statement of Rs 1.5 crore, the Ministry of Social Development has asked the team of Assistant Chief District Officer and District Public Health Chief of Baglung to investigate the statement. \”They will submit the report knowing who was actually on the front line and who was not, and the payment will be made only after verification,\” the ministry official said.
Chairman of Dhaulagiri Hospital KB Rana informed that the details of such expenses would be known to the Medical Superintendent (Mesu) of the hospital. Mesu Shailendra B Pokhrel did not pick up the phone.
The federal government had provided Rs 10 million to Dhaulagiri Hospital for isolation. After that, the Gandaki state government had also given Rs 6 million. That amount is provided by the state from the Corona Prevention Fund. The state had also given another Rs 423,000 to Dhaulagiri Hospital to provide Rs 28,200 monthly by hiring five nurses on contract till July.
Six people who have recently been infected with the corona virus Covid 19 are currently undergoing treatment at Dhaulagiri Hospital. He was admitted to a hospital in Tanam Khola and Badigad on Wednesday.
65 million was spent
So far, Rs. 65.8 million has been spent from the Corona Prevention Relief Fund established by the state. The state government had put Rs 150 million in the fund. Voluntary assistance of Rs. 33.1 million was raised.
The fund is being managed under the coordination of Social Development Minister Naradevi Pun. The committee also includes secretaries of the ministries, heads of divisions and other ministry officials. According to a member of the committee, Rs. 57 million has been provided to the provincial supply center from the fund. The cost of this title is the largest.
The fund has provided Rs 6 million for the construction of ICU and Rs 4 lakh 23 thousand for staffing at Dhaulagiri Hospital in Baglung. The Pokhara Academy of Health Sciences has been given Rs. 5 million for internal management. The state health directorate has received Rs. 378,000 from the fund. Expenditure has been made in addition to these main headings.

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