Cow-based natural farming will be done in 85 thousand hectares in this state, farmers’ income will increase

Cow-based natural farming will be done in 85 thousand hectares in this state, farmers’ income will increase

Organic farming in UP: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is serious about cow protection. Cow urine and cow dung are being used in medicine and agriculture. Now a big exercise has been done from the level of the Uttar Pradesh government regarding the cows. The state government has prepared a complete blueprint to promote cow-based natural farming. Farmers will get its benefit directly.

Cow based natural farming will be done in UP

The Yogi government is preparing a plan to do cow-based farming on a large scale in the state. Under the scheme, cow-based natural farming will be done in 85,750 hectares of 49 districts of the state. In this farming, fertilizers related to cows will have to be used. Chemical-free natural farming will improve the quality of agricultural produce. This will improve the health of the land. At the same time, the subsidy that will be available under natural farming. That too will be sent directly to the farmers’ account. The farmers who will work to promote natural farming. They will also be encouraged from the government level.

Ganga will be clean

With this project, the Yogi government is engaged in the exercise of improving the health of Ganga. 27 villages on the banks of the Ganga will be included in this scheme. With this, an area of ​​5-5 km of Ganga will be covered. This will help in reducing the pollution of Ganga. Ganga will be clean. With this, the central government’s plan to clean the Ganga will also get wings.

Will launch natural farming portal

The state government will take major steps to promote the produce of natural farming. CM in this direction Yogi Adityanath Natural Farming Portal will be launched on UP Day. This project is a joint effort of the Central and State Government. The total expenditure in this will be Rs 246 crore. In the next four years, Rs 28,714 per hectare will be spent for the next four years under this project, which will be run with the joint efforts of the Central and State Governments.

1715 clusters of 50 hectares will be formed in the state

Clusters will be formed across the state under the project. There is a plan to develop 1715 clusters of 50 hectares each in 49 districts of the state. Under the scheme, it has been decided that the farmer should not have more than one hectare of land. Only a group of farmers will be able to join each cluster.

It is necessary to keep a desi cow

Since the government’s project is related to the cow. That’s why the state government has decided that every farmer will have to keep at least one indigenous cow. This will increase the rearing of cows wandering on the roads. Cow dung, cow urine will be useful in preparing Jeevamrit, Beejamrit. A special provision has been made that those who will do natural farming. He will only take out the seeds from the field. Experts are also calling it zero budget farming.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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