Decreased export of cucumber, increased demand for cucumber abroad, prices in India may be affected

Decreased export of cucumber, increased demand for cucumber abroad, prices in India may be affected


Cucumbers Export From India: The farmers of the country earn lakhs of rupees annually by doing farming. Sugarcane, wheat, maize, millet are the traditional crops. These crops are sown in a large part of the country. Apart from this, farmers also earn a lot by doing salad farming. The sting of fruits and vegetables of India rings in foreign countries also. Big orders from abroad come to the businessmen of the country. But this time the demand for cucumber is increasing and decreasing.

Indian cucumber demand increased, exports decreased
Indians are fond of eating cucumber not only in Asia but also in European countries. Market experts say that according to the demand, cucumber is not being supplied to foreign countries. Cucumber is in short supply and the inventory is over. There has been a gap of about 20 percent in the demand and supply of cucumbers abroad.

Farming is done in so many areas in the country
Cucumber is cultivated in a large area in the country. Export to foreign countries is ensured only on the basis of supply of cucumbers. Cucumber is cultivated in 60 thousand acres in states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Apart from this, cucumber is also produced in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. Here cucumbers are exported to the markets of America, Russia and Europe.

The price of cucumber is improving in the country
Due to non-export of cucumber to foreign countries, the prices of cucumber have improved in the country. Exporter-producers are making all out efforts to rectify the order backlog. The demand for cucumbers has been created in four months. That too is being rectified. On the other hand, experts tell that the farmers who grow cucumber in South India. These are processed and exported to international markets. In European countries, Indian cucumbers are used as pickles.

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similar export status
According to media reports, when the financial year ends in March 2022, India’s cucumber exports are down by 11 percent to $199.46 million. This was less than $223.04 million relative to the previous year. Exports of processed vegetables including cucumber are higher at $325 million in the current financial year as compared to $275 million in the same period last year. The supply of cucumbers has also been affected due to the drought in Europe and the Ukraine-Russia war.

increased demand for cucumber
Due to less supply of cucumbers abroad, the dependence of foreigners on other salad vegetables has started increasing. Due to less supply in India and more demand abroad, cucumber is not reaching abroad. For this reason now the consumption of pickled cucumber has increased from Ukraine and other parts of Europe. Although the production of pickled cucumber is also not increasing that much in the country. But still efforts are being made to ensure consumption.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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