Delivery boy forgets to take cold drink with pizza, drunken customer held hostage

Delivery boy forgets to take cold drink with pizza, drunken customer held hostage

Delivery Boy Hostage: A strange incident happened in Pennsylvania, USA. There a pizza delivery boy was taken hostage by a 42-year-old customer named Leo Lemont Tony. Pizza delivery boy forgot to bring cold drink with pizza. Because of this, Leo Lamont Tony took her hostage. This case also got a lot of headlines on social media.

According to the police, Tony had ordered a pizza from Primo Pizza, a local pizza restaurant, on 15 December. After the delivery man delivered the pizza, Tony came out of the room and asked why cold drinks were not brought with the pizza. On answering this question, the delivery boy said that I forgot by mistake. On hearing this, Tony became enraged.

hostage inside your home

According to the police, Tony allegedly forced the victim to enter the house and locked the door after taking the delivery man hostage inside the house. The delivery man said he forcefully pushed Tony, fled and immediately contacted the Johnstown Police Department. After this, when the police reached the accused Tony’s house, they found that the smell of alcohol was coming from Tony.

Tony abused the police

Leo Lemont Tony drunkenly abused the police. The police took action and arrested him. He was taken into custody at the Public Safety Building on Washington Street. After this, the police has started investigating. The police are also trying to find out whether there is already any case against the accused person.

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