Dhirendra Shastri has invisible power or some trick?  Mind reader made this claim through live test

Dhirendra Shastri has invisible power or some trick? Mind reader made this claim through live test

Bageshwar Baba News: Baba Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham has been in headlines in the country and abroad for the past several days. His alleged miracle is being discussed in every household. Meanwhile, the country’s famous mind reader Suhani Shah has rejected Baba’s alleged miracle. He did a show with ABP News and termed Baba’s alleged miracles as mind reading.

How Baba understands people’s mind. Thousands of people come to Baba’s court not only with problems related to career and future, but also to get their diseases treated, but can Baba really cure incurable diseases. Does Baba Bageshwar know any touch therapy? Can Baba really cure? Is this not a challenge to science? Live test was done on all these questions.

Suhani Shah did live test

Mind reader Suhani Shah did live tests with the audience in the show of ABP News. He asked a viewer to think of a name for a vacation spot. To answer this, Suhani Shah asked the name of the viewer and asked where he lives. After this, he did mind reading for some time and then wrote the name of a place on the board. Then he asked the viewer to name the place which was Rampur. Suhani had written Rampur only on the board. The audience was also shocked to see this.

know the mind of a girl

During the Suhani Shah show, a girl’s mind came to know. He asked a girl to write something on a paper. After this Suhani asked the girl to think of the words that she has written. After this Suhani told the girl that your grandmother’s health is not good and this is what you have written. Don’t worry, she will be fine. Then the girl was asked what she had written, then she told that grandmother’s health is not good, that’s what she had written.

Suhani Shah did another test. He asked the audience to ask any question to the anchor of ABP News. The answer to which Suhani Shah has already written on the board. Till now the question was not even asked. Then a viewer asked the anchor what was his favorite song. The anchor thoughtfully told that my favorite song is ‘Panchhi Banoon…’. After this Suhani’s written answer was checked. Suhani had written ‘Panchi Banoon…’ on the board.

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