Do this work after eating oily foods, there will be no indigestion, no belching

Do this work after eating oily foods, there will be no indigestion, no belching


Acidity Home Remedies: In the winter season, we get to eat puri-parathas and delicious dishes every day at home. These are oily foods and because of them, gas is formed in the stomach and sour belching starts coming. These burps spoil your mood. Not only this, the consumption of oily food causes many problems, including problems like obesity, heart related diseases or high blood pressure. In such a situation, one should try to keep distance from oily foods. Even if you eat oily food, then these measures should be adopted to avoid gas and indigestion.

should drink lukewarm water

Drink lukewarm water after eating too much oily food. This will give relief from problems like indigestion, sour belching and flatulence. Drinking lukewarm water activates the digestive system and gives you relief. Please tell that due to not drinking enough water, the food is not digested properly and it starts troubling by becoming a problem of constipation. In such a situation, lukewarm water is very beneficial.

walking is most important

After eating more oily food, go for a walk for a while. After eating oily or heavy food, the mind becomes strange and the stomach starts feeling heavy. When you walk, your digestion becomes correct and you get relief within 15 to 30 minutes. That’s why one should always walk for some time after eating.

consuming probiotics

If you want to improve your digestion, then eat food rich in probiotics. Due to this, digestion remains correct. Whenever oily food bothers you, eat a bowl of curd. By doing this, you will get relief in no time and you will not have any problem.

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