Do you know these 5 disadvantages of beating children?

Do you know these 5 disadvantages of beating children?

Effect Of Beating Child:It is not possible that small children should not do mischief. Many times such mistakes are made by the children due to which the hands of the parents get raised. There are some parents who dominate their children in the process of teaching them discipline, many times parents choose the way of fighting to teach a lesson, but is it right to do so. If you also beat your children in this way, then you must know this thing. Research published by Harvard University states that hitting children has a negative effect on their health. This is the reason why children sometimes stop listening to their parents. Parents get more angry on this and they are more strict on the child. It is not that beating is wrong, but raising hands on them on every matter affects them physically and emotionally. Let us know about the disadvantages of beating children.

Respect for parents ends: Some parents beat their children for every small and big thing. In such a situation, fear goes out of their mind and they stop listening to the right things. As the child grows up, he stops being afraid of you. They get angry when you kill them and they don’t have respect for you, they start opposing everything you say.

Mind wanders: Children’s attention starts to wander. Children are always focused on the matter of beating. Because of this, he is not able to focus on anything else and he has to face difficulty in doing every work.

Getting angry unnecessarily: Often we hear that children learn from what they see around us, in such a situation parents are very much influenced by how they behave with them as well as in front of them. For this reason, many times children start showing anger without any reason. Socially, children become rude.

Self-confidence vanishes: Beating children has a bad effect on their mind. If you constantly hit the child, they often feel that they are wrong or bad. In such a situation, he gradually starts becoming self-confident. They retreat even before doing any work. They feel that they will not be able to do any work properly. When children are emotionally affected, they do not emerge quickly.

Get away from parents: By hitting, the child slowly starts moving away from you and stops telling you his things. Sometimes children get so scared, sometimes even after seeing other children being beaten, children start crying, their mental health is very badly affected.

Violence escalates:Being beaten since childhood has a wrong effect on the mental health of children. They feel that it is right to kill their younger ones and in such a situation they are harsh towards their friends and younger siblings and start killing them.

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