Does ChatGPT even have an app?  Or trying to cheat you by making a fake app

Does ChatGPT even have an app? Or trying to cheat you by making a fake app

ChatGPT: Chat GPT is such a deep machine learning based chat bot of Open AI, which gives almost accurate answers to your questions. It is being said in some media reports that a ChatGPT app is trending on Apple’s App Store. This is an unofficial app. ChatGPT is a free-for-all AI tool, which is available to users across the world on the web, but now a fake app version of it is trending on the Apple App Store. Its name is “ChatGPT AI with GPT-3”. This app is also charging subscription fees from Apple users, and claims to work like OpenAI’s famous chatbot.

ChatGPT work
This eye chatbot has been designed to interact like humans based on user’s sign. However, its official app has not been launched yet. Currently it is only available on the web. It is based on the original model GPT-3 developed by OpenAI, and is currently being seen as the next biggest innovation in artificial intelligence.

Unofficial app of ChatGPT
It is being told in some media reports that an unofficial app of ChatGPT is available on Apple’s App Store. It is being claimed by the app that it is the app version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The name of the app trending on the App Store is ‘ChatGPT Chat GPT AI with GPT-3’. Let us tell you that the trending app has nothing to do with the developers of ChatGPT, but innocent users have downloaded this app from the App Store so many times that this app has started trending.

App is demanding subscription
According to the report, the unofficial ChatGPT app is charging users around Rs 650 for a weekly subscription, and around Rs 4,100 for an annual subscription. In contrast, the original OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI technology is absolutely free. As such, it feels like a cheating method.

Disclaimer! Whatever answers/responses have come after asking questions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we have used them exactly in the news. We are not responsible for the responses provided by ChatGPT or their effects.

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