Does corona weaken the capacity to withstand viral infection?

Does corona weaken the capacity to withstand viral infection?

Covid And Immune System: Several countries in the northern hemisphere, including the US and the UK, have seen a wave of patients with viral infections in the respiratory system in the last few months. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), flu and corona infections were found in people of all age groups. Bacterial infections like Strep-A were also seen a lot in children. These infections sometimes become very serious. There has been a significant increase in the number of patients admitted to the hospital during winter in Britain. This has increased the pressure on health services. This situation has also raised the question whether corona damages the immune system and works to increase the risk of various infectious diseases like flu in people who have been positive earlier.

There is also a view related to the increase in cases of bacterial infection in the respiratory system that during the Kovid epidemic, children were saved from common childhood infections. Due to lack of immunity, it has now made them very sensitive to these infections. This means that they can fall ill very easily by coming under the grip of these viruses.

Corona and Immune System

Human immune system develops to fight against different types of infections. The immune system has different types of weapons that, if combined, can not only destroy infection-causing agents (viruses or bacteria), but also respond more quickly to subsequent infections with these agents. And can respond effectively. However, many infectious agents develop such qualities within themselves, which work to dodge the immune system. For example, the parasite named ‘Schistosoma Mansoni’ hides itself in such a way that even the immune system cannot detect it.

Similarly, a virus named SARS-CoV-2 causes corona infection. This corona virus can also dodge the immune system like all other viruses, especially its new strains and variants that are coming out.

What is long covid?

Evidence shows that after corona infection, the maximum difference in immune cells is seen in those people who develop long corona or covid. However, so far no evidence has been found of reduction of immune capacity in patients with long covid. The change seen in the immune cells of long covid patients seems to be according to the fast immune response. This can lead to post-infection complications and symptoms in patients suffering from long covid.

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