Eight people died trying to enter America illegally, including Indians

Eight people died trying to enter America illegally, including Indians

America: Eight people died trying to enter the US illegally from Canada. Two children were also included in these. The dead include people of two families, in which one family was also Indian. All these people were trying to enter America by boat through the St. Lawrence River. Then the boat met with an accident.

America’s Akwesne Mohawk Police Chief told that two family members are involved in the dead. One family is of Indian origin and the other is Romanian. All were trying to enter America illegally when this incident happened. The cause of the accident is being investigated keeping in mind other aspects as well.

According to Reuters reports, two more bodies were finally recovered on Friday, including a Canadian child of Romanian origin and an adult woman believed to be an Indian national.

The accident occurred during an attempt to cross the St. Lawrence River, which is the border between Canada and the US. Actually, the police was searching for a missing person. Meanwhile, the police got information about this incident. Police said that every effort is being made to confirm the identity of the victims. We are trying to reach the nearest relatives of the victims.

Canada’s PM reacted

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condoled the accident and said that it was very painful. Right now we do not have the exact information about what and how happened there. We are probing the matter. After this it will be ensured that this does not happen again.

Infiltration is happening this way

Although such an incident has not happened for the first time when an attempt has been made to enter America from this area. Earlier in April, there was a narrow escape when six Indian nationals were rescued from the icy St Regis River in the area.

According to the police, the number of people trying to cross the St. Lawrence River illegally is on the rise. In the last 3 months, about 80 people have tried to enter America through this route. The special thing is that most of these people were Romanians and Indians.

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