Elon Musk in the process of making up for the loss from Twitter?  Now will charge for this service

Elon Musk in the process of making up for the loss from Twitter? Now will charge for this service


Twitter CEO Elon Musk: Twitter CEO Elon Musk has planned to present another plan regarding Twitter. This plan will be a high price subscription, under which people running Twitter will be given ad free facility, that is, no ad will come while running Twitter. The Twitter boss made this announcement through a tweet on Saturday.

Musk said that Twitter is going to introduce a high-priced plan very soon, under which the social media network will give you the facility of ad free. Elon Musk had revised the plan regarding the Blue Badge just a few days ago. Now for Blue Badge, 84 billion dollars will have to be given annually and 11 billion dollars every month. However, this plan is applicable to Apple users in only a few countries.

facility under ad free service

Elon Musk told that advertisements on Twitter are too much and big. In such a situation, the company is thinking of bringing a subscription plan and if someone chooses this plan, then he will be given the facility of ad free. Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October, since then Elon Musk has made many changes.

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Preparing to make more profits

Musk started the Twitter Blue Badge paid service in December. After this, while amending this plan, a charge of $ 11 per month was implemented and now they are going to present an ad free high price subscription plan. At the same time, another Elon Musk had said that more brands are joining Twitter this year. In such a situation, Elon Musk is preparing to earn more profit from Twitter.

What changes has Elon Musk done

At the end of last year, Musk fired nearly half of the company’s 7,500 employees. After this paid service was introduced. According to the company’s website, the service costs $11 a month in the United States and is available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems.

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