Farmers selling paddy at a loss in Chhattisgarh after buying record, will be surprised to know the reason

Farmers selling paddy at a loss in Chhattisgarh after buying record, will be surprised to know the reason


Paddy Procurement In Bihar: Paddy has been procured in most of the states of the country. At the same time, paddy procurement is going on in some states. Paddy procurement is slow in Uttar Pradesh. Here the state government has said that as long as the farmers want, they can come to the market and sell paddy. On the other hand, paddy procurement is fast in Chhattisgarh. Here the state government has procured record paddy. Farmers are happy after getting timely payment for paddy purchase. At the same time, due to the bumper purchase, the ministers of the Bihar government are also cutting the cake. Contrary to this, the condition of procurement of paddy in Bihar is not good.

Lakhs of farmers will not be able to sell paddy in Bihar
Due to non-achievement of target, a crisis has arisen in front of farmers in Bihar to sell paddy on MSP. Farmers are not selling their paddy at government centers even after wanting to. The bad picture has emerged from Bihar’s Siwan alone. According to media reports, there are still 20 percent farmers in Bihar’s Siwan who have not been able to sell their paddy. The farmers have become upset due to this. Farmers say that the state government has not increased the target of paddy procurement. Because of this, farmers have to sell paddy at very low prices. 287 committees have been selected for paddy purchase in the district. Out of these 150 committees have completed the target of paddy purchase. According to statistics, 31 thousand 490 farmers have registered for the sale of paddy in Siwan alone. Out of these, 65 thousand 166 MT paddy has been purchased from 10 thousand 650 farmers. 20 thousand 840 are still deprived of selling paddy. Officials say that farmers will no longer be able to sell paddy.

Money reached the farmers’ account in 72 hours
The states where paddy is being procured in the country. It has been the effort of every state government that the money reaches the farmers’ accounts within 72 hours. The Haryana government had sent the money to the farmers’ accounts within 48 hours. At the same time, taking steps in the interest of the farmers, the Bihar government has also sent money in 72 hours. Farmers are happy as the payment is coming at the right time.

Record 103 lakh metric tonnes of paddy procured in Chhattisgarh
This time record paddy has been procured in Chhattisgarh. Due to the purchase of paddy, the record of the last several years has been broken. In the year 2021-22, 98 lakh metric tonnes of paddy was procured. This year it has increased to 103 lakh metric tonnes. The last date for paddy purchase is January 31. In such a situation, the figure of paddy purchase is expected to increase further. At the same time, the state government has fixed a target of 110 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. In this season, 7 lakh metric tonnes of paddy is to be procured against the target, which is expected to happen soon.

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Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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