Farmers will not get a better chance than this!  100% subsidy for solar pump, direct link to apply

Farmers will not get a better chance than this! 100% subsidy for solar pump, direct link to apply


Irrigation Scheme: A large area of ​​agriculture in the country is still unirrigated. Adequate means of irrigation are not available, due to which proper production of crops is not available. Many farmers are getting production with the help of diesel-electric pumps, due to which the cost of farming increases and farmers are not able to earn proper profit. With the absence of irrigation facilities in agriculture, the problem of rising cost can be overcome with solar irrigation pumps. By doing timely irrigation work with solar pump, you can increase your income by taking the right production from the crops.

Today many farmers are converting their old diesel and electric pumps into solar pumps. They not only save the cost of irrigation, farmers can also earn extra income by producing electricity from them.

The good thing is that you do not have to spend much to install solar irrigation pumps, but farmers are also given grants for installing solar pumps under Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana. In this episode, the Rajasthan government has also started a solar power pump project, under which there is a provision of 60 to 100 percent subsidy.

Increasing utility of solar pump
Seeing the increasing utility of solar pumps and its benefits, the Rajasthan government has announced a huge subsidy for the installation of solar pumps. This state ranks first for the installation of solar pumps.

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Now the farmers here are not dependent on the supply of electricity for irrigation, rather they do all the work by producing their own electricity and earn extra income by selling the remaining electricity to private companies. The Rajasthan government has proposed a grant of Rs 500 crore in the next 2 years under the agriculture budget announcement 2022-23.

subsidy on solar pump
There is a provision of subsidy of 60 percent on the unit cost to farmers for setting up solar power pump plants. Under this scheme, there is also a provision of additional grant of Rs 45,000 to SC-ST farmers.

Also, 100 percent grant will be given to Scheduled Tribes in the tribal sub-plan area. This grant is to be given for setting up solar irrigation pump plants of 3 HP, 5 HP and 7.5 HP.

What are the application conditions
To get the benefit of subsidy on installation of solar irrigation pump plant, it is necessary that drip, mini sprinkler, micro sprinkler or portable sprinkler system is being used for irrigation in agriculture.

  • The benefit of subsidy will be given on priority to the farmers doing farming in Green House, Shadenet House, Lot Tunnel.
  • It is mandatory for the farmer applying in this scheme to have at least 0.4 hectare of land.
  • The farmer should have a water storage structure of 1,000 cubic meter capacity or a diggy/farm pond of 400 cubic meter capacity or a water tank of 100 cubic meter capacity or an underground water source of maximum 100 meter depth.

apply here
If you are also a farmer of Rajasthan and planning to earn along with irrigation, then you can apply for installation of solar pump. the state government Raj Kisan Sathi Portal Applications are invited. For more information, you can contact the agriculture department office of your district.

Helpline Number-1800-180-1551 has also been issued. Farmers should not forget to upload their Aadhaar card, residence certificate, land papers, registered mobile number and passport site photo while applying.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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