Father in China punished son to play video game for 17 hours continuously till he vomits, know why

Father in China punished son to play video game for 17 hours continuously till he vomits, know why

China Father Punish Son For Video Game: Nowadays, there has been a lot of addiction to playing video games in young children. Due to this, parents often have to face a lot of problems, because their children are busy playing video games on the Internet instead of studying. Meanwhile, in China, a father got fed up with his son’s habit of playing video games and gave him a strange punishment.

A man living in Shenzhen, China, caught his 11-year-old son playing video games on his phone. After this, the father punished him for playing video games continuously for 17 hours. According to the media report of Express, the son was caught playing the game at 1 am and then forced to play the game continuously till he vomited.

Woke up and forced to play the game again
The son also apologized for the punishment received by the father in China, but the father refused to forgive. Enraged, a man named Huang decided to give cruel punishment to his son. The son continued to play video games. During this, the father also filmed his video and shared it on the social media platform Douyin.

Douyin is a Tik Tok version of China. In this video, it is shown how the father catches his son playing the game and then forces him to play the game. At the same time, when the child starts getting tired, they wake him up and force him to play the game again.

child apologized
According to Metro’s report, the 11-year-old boy, writing about the incident on social media, mentioned that he apologized for playing video games for a long time and then promised not to do so. The boy said that my father punished me until I started vomiting. I got tired playing video games so I got picked up. I kept playing from 1 am till 6 pm the next day. However, the father advised other parents to avoid such punishment.

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