Five Minutes Walk: Take a resolution to walk for 5 minutes every 30 minutes, the body will get these benefits

Five Minutes Walk: Take a resolution to walk for 5 minutes every 30 minutes, the body will get these benefits


Five Minute Walk Benefits: A new research suggests that walking for five minutes every half hour can prevent premature death. Keith Diaz, an exercise physiologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York, said that daily exercise alone will not reverse the health problems caused by prolonged sitting. In a recent study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Keith said that people who sit for long hours are more likely to develop chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, dementia and many types of cancer. Whereas people who have the habit of walking from time to time, they are saved from these diseases to a great extent.

According to the study, walking a little throughout the day makes the muscles active and helps in controlling the blood sugar level. The sitting position works to create twist and pressure in the blood vessels of the legs. It changes blood circulation and can increase blood pressure. Researchers found that walking for five minutes after every 30 minutes of sitting reduced participants’ blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Keeps blood sugar and cholesterol under control

According to researchers, due to sitting for hours, our muscles remain stable. When muscles are not used properly, they work to imbalance blood sugar level and cholesterol. Regular walking helps activate muscles to act as better regulators of blood sugar and cholesterol. Diaz told Medical News Today that the most exciting part of this new riser has been how to prevent the harmful health effects of sitting?

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He said that we know how many fruits and vegetables should be eaten every day and how much exercise we should do. There are many adults who have jobs or lifestyles where they have to sit for long periods of time. Many jobs require sitting for hours. To reduce the health risks of sitting, such people can be told about the benefits of walking.

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