For whom Sana changed gender, that unfaithful Sonal cheated, read the strange love story of two girls

For whom Sana changed gender, that unfaithful Sonal cheated, read the strange love story of two girls


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In whose love Sana underwent many painful surgeries to change the gender, became Sohail by spending 12 lakh rupees, the same girlfriend cheated. She found her second love and left Sohail. Distressed Sohail filed a claim in the court. Notice was issued from the court but the girlfriend did not appear. On issuance of non-bailable warrant, the police arrested him and presented him in the court. Where he has been released on bail.

This strange story is from Prem Nagar of Jhansi. ANM Sana of Primary Health Center lived in a rented house in Prem Nagar police station area. He told that he had fallen in love with Sonal, the daughter of the landlord. Sonal also accepted his love. We both swore to live and die together. When Sonal’s family vacated the room, I started living in the government quarters. Sonal also started living with me. Sonal’s relatives lodged a complaint with the police. During interrogation, Sonal wrote that she would not stay with her family members but with Sana. Both were adults, so the police did not take any action. After September 18, 2017, both started living in a live-in relationship.

Sana says that she went through the painful process of gender change on Sonal’s advice. Had several surgeries in the last five years. 12 lakh rupees were spent in this. Even counseling took place in a big hospital in Delhi. The process was completed in 2020. Sonal stayed with Sana throughout this process. Then the woman became a man and his name became Sohail. Sohail and Sonal were living together. Here, in April 2022, Sonal started a job in a hospital. Sonal fell in love with a boy who worked there. She started giving time only to him.

When Sohail could not tolerate being ignored, he objected. On this Sonal openly said that she loves the said boy and left the house. Distressed, Sohail took refuge in the court. On the orders of the court, the police produced Sonal in the court, where she has been released on bail. Sohail says that he will fight this battle till the end. It is necessary to teach a lesson to those who ruin someone’s life.



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