Gautam Adani lost his heart on ChatGPT, said – race will be complicated for AI like chip

Gautam Adani lost his heart on ChatGPT, said – race will be complicated for AI like chip

Gautam Adani On ChatGPT: Asia’s richest man Gautam Adani has his heart set on ChatGPT. There is a program based on artificial intelligence that is capable of writing jokes on its own, making computer code error-free, and even producing poems and essays. Gautam Adani’s business has expanded from mines, ports and power plants to airports, data centers and defense in recent years. He said these things after attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos.

He wrote on the social media platform LinkedIn, “This was probably my busiest WEF in terms of meetings. I met with more than a dozen heads of state and many business leaders.” Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) or generative AI dominated all discussions at the World Economic Forum. Stayed. He said, “The recent advent of ChatGPT marks a transformative moment in the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. It’s interesting to see its surprising capabilities as well as its comical failures. I must admit to some degree of habituation since I started using it.

Adani said that AI contributing to the creation of read-and-write will have wide-ranging implications, and the US is ahead of the rest of the world by being a leader in chip design and mass production. Adani wrote that this would also open the way for weapons used in modern warfare.

Gautam Adani said, Artificial Intelligence has both potential and danger equally. The race is already on. China is overtaking the US in the number of most cited scientific research papers on artificial intelligence. He said that this is a race that will soon become complicated and tangled like the already ongoing silicon chip war.

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