Good news for goat farmers!  25 kg goat will become 50 kg weight, this is not a miracle but science

Good news for goat farmers! 25 kg goat will become 50 kg weight, this is not a miracle but science


Animal Husbandry: As soon as Bakrid arrives, the demand for overweight goats increases. Talking about the Indian market, goats of Barbari, Jamnapari, Jamnapari, Sojat and Black Bengal breeds are very much liked for good quality milk and meat production. For their birth, goats are also fed and fed a lot and lambs are prepared and sold in the market in one to one and a half years, but many times due to low weight, they do not get the price according to their hard work. Goat rearers often struggle with these challenges.

To solve this problem, a research is going on at Mathura-based Central Goat Research Institute (CIRG), which is almost at its final stage. As soon as the results of this research come, people who rear goats for meat will get maximum benefit.

Regarding this research, the scientists of CIRG claim that this research will be completed in a year, which will help in doubling the income of goat rearing farmers.

what is this technique
You must also be surprised to know that what is this technique, which will almost double the weight of goats? So let us tell you that this is gene editing, on which work is going on in the Department of Somatic Reproduction and Management of CIRG.

news reels

In a report to Kisan Tak, CIRG’s Senior Scientist SP Singh says that work on gene editing technology is going on for 1.5 years under the direction of HOD SD expenses, in which old genes of goat and goat breeds are being edited.

What is this editing gene process
During this process, the old genes are removed, due to which the weight of the breed is only up to 25 kg. After this the edited gene is transplanted into goats. Now this goat will give birth to a goat with more weight than the edited gene.

Scientists said that only the lamb with the edited gene will grow and give birth to other children. In this way the weight of goats can be increased from 25 to 50 kg. Let us tell you that pregnancy of many goats has been successful with the use of these techniques and research on this is at its final stage.

Goat weight will increase according to the breed
Regarding this research, CIRG scientist SP Singh gave detailed information that as the lamb born with the edited gene grows up, its weight will also increase according to its breed. When it becomes an adult, the meat of the goat with the Agit gene will be tested in the lab.

In this investigation, an attempt will be made to find out what is the difference between the goat meat of a special breed prepared with the edited gene and the normal goat meat. In this way, the results of gene editing research that increases the weight of goats will be revealed.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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