Google told the mistake and got a reward of 18 lakhs, read here what is the matter

Google told the mistake and got a reward of 18 lakhs, read here what is the matter

Have you ever thought that you have found a mistake in someone’s work and he should give you money in return. Probably not, because today if we tell a person any mistake in his work, then either he gets irritated or starts cursing us in reverse. But this is not the case with Tech Giant Google. If you find any flaw in Google, then Google gives you a huge amount in return. The latest case is also similar in which Google has given a reward of Rs 18 lakh to two Indian hackers. Actually, both the hackers together found some loophole in Google’s cloud program, after which they have been given this reward. Google rewards people under the bug bounty program.

What is a bug bounty?

Such people who tell Google its flaw and if the flaw is found correct in the investigation, then Google rewards people and this process is called bug bounty. Google asks hackers or other people to find bugs or other flaws in their platform and we will reward you. 

Shriram KL and Ashok, who live in India, together discovered a bug in Google’s ‘Google Cloud Program’. Actually, both of them had found a server side request forgery bug and a patch bug related to security, which they gave information to Google and when it was found correct on review, Google gave a reward of Rs 18 lakh to both of them. Ashok made a post in which he told how he reached this bug and what are its flaws. However, after this Google corrected the problem related to the bug and added a security feature for it so that people’s data is safe. 

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