Google Translate can translate from document to website

Google Translate can translate from document to website

Google Translate: Google Translate has become an important app in all of our lives. It translates any language into your language almost accurately. Although some mistakes are needed, but with this you can easily translate any text, document or web URL to any language. The Google Translate app and website are of great help to those people whose hands are tight in English. With this, they can easily translate English into Hindi.

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Many users only know how to translate text from Google Translate. However, it can translate not only text but also documents and entire website pages, but for this you have to use desktop mode. Today in this article, we are going to tell how a document or website can be translated from English to any other language.

How to translate a document with Google Translate?

  • To translate any document with Google Translate, you have to go to the official website of Google Translate in desktop mode. For this you search Google Translate on Google.
  • When the website opens, you will see three options, which will include Texts, Documents and Websites. Here you tap on the second option document.
  • After clicking on the option of Documents, go to Browse Your computer and upload your laptop or computer document .docx, .pdf, .pptx, or xlsx.
  • After selecting the file, tap on the Translate button. After that, your document will be translated in no time.
  • You can also download this file. For this you have to click on the button of Download Translation, then the translated file will be downloaded.

How to translate website with Google Translate?

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  • For this also you have to visit the official website of Google Translate Have to go on.
  • Here you have to tap on the option of Websites.
  • Here you will have an option to enter the website link. Now copy the link you want to translate and paste it here.
  • After pasting the link → Click on Arrow.
  • By doing this, the translated page will open in a separate page.

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