Grant of Rs 48,000 for fencing of fields in this state, 60% subsidy will be given on the total expenditure

Grant of Rs 48,000 for fencing of fields in this state, 60% subsidy will be given on the total expenditure

Farmers Scheme: The number of stray animals is increasing in most areas of the country. These animals have made the roads their shelter. At the same time, to fill their stomachs, they turn towards the fields and lick the crops. Farmers are worried about the increasing number of destitute animals, road accidents are also increasing in cities. Many state governments have made plans to provide shelter to these destitute animals, but till then how to save the crops is a big problem. Recently, the Rajasthan government has found a solution for this. Under the Mukhyamantri Krishak Sathi Yojana, the Crop Protection Mission campaign is being run, under which new criteria have been set for fencing of fields. This will be of great help in protecting the crop.

Get fencing done at 15 feet height
Acting on the suggestions of the farmers, the Rajasthan government has changed the parameters of fencing under the Crop Protection Mission. In this case, Agriculture Commissioner Kanaram Sharma says that now instead of 6 horizontal and 2 diagonal wires, farmers can make fencing according to 5 horizontal and 2 diagonal wires.

Not only this, earlier fencing could be done only by placing pillars at a distance of 10 feet, but now fencing can be done by installing pillars at a distance of 15 feet. Now the support of extra pillar can also be placed on 15th pillar instead of 10th pillar.

according to which grant will be given
According to the notification issued by the state government, individual farmers or groups of farmers can jointly get the fields sealed. Under the Crop Protection Mission, every farmer will be given grant only for fencing up to the limit of 400 running meters.

If the perimeter of the field is large, then the farmer will have to get a pucca wall or wire fence done at his own expense, the cost of which will be included in the grant received from the government.

how much grant will be given
Farmers can take 40 to 60 percent subsidy by applying under the Chief Minister Krishak Saathi Scheme under the Crop Protection Mission ‘Tarabandi Yojana’.

  • For small and marginal farmers, there is a provision of subsidy of 60% of the cost of fencing i.e. a maximum grant of Rs 48,000.
  • For other categories of farmers, a subsidy of 50% or a grant of Rs 40,000 will be given on the cost of fencing.

where to apply
If you are also a farmer of Rajasthan. If you do farming on your own land and want to get fencing done, then you can get detailed information by going to the agriculture department office of your district. Raj Kisan Portal for taking subsidy on farm fencing Can also apply.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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