Hair grows faster by getting cut!  If you also think like this then know the whole truth

Hair grows faster by getting cut! If you also think like this then know the whole truth


Beautiful, shiny and strong hair is the desire of all girls. Most of the girls like to do hair styling and make trending hairstyles. However, when problems related to hair arise (hair fall or damage, etc.) they often get upset. You might have been advised by many people to get trimming done to prevent hair fall. Many people must have said that ‘have long hair…get tangled and break, so get them trimmed…will grow faster’. But does trimming really help hair grow? Does getting a haircut really make them grow faster? Let’s know the answer.

People have always believed that if they keep cutting their hair every few days, then their hair will grow long. But let us tell you that it is just a myth that hair grows faster by cutting or trimming hair. If you are getting hair cut thinking that the stalled growth will accelerate, then you are thinking wrong. You must have heard this advice from many people, but it is just a misconception. There is no connection between cutting the ends of the hair and their tendency to grow. This is because cutting hair does not affect the hair follicles, which actually affect the growth of your hair. So how can something that has nothing to do with your scalp help your hair grow?

How will hair grow if not trimming?

To grow hair, there is a need to massage the head with good food and oil. When we massage our hair well and regularly, we are actually doing something for hair growth. During hair massage, the oil penetrates into the follicle, which helps in hair growth. Blood circulation also increases while massaging, due to which the right nutrients and oxygen reach the hair follicles. This makes hair growth faster. If you are wondering which oil to use to keep hair healthy, then the answer is ‘coconut oil’, ‘castor oil’ or ‘almond oil’. Massaging them every week will solve the problem of your damaged hair.

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There is no point in having long hair that looks dry, lifeless and weak. Along with the length of the hair, it is also very important for them to be thick and strong. For this, you should eat a balanced diet, which has plenty of protein, omega-3 and zinc. If you do not eat right then your healthy long hair will not remain healthy, so include lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Apart from this, keep drinking water in the required quantity.

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